Seniors’ favourite holiday destinations

Seniors are like everyone else, they like to go on holiday. For most of them, there is no question of staying home. For retirees, they take advantage of their free time to travel and discover new places. This moment of freedom is simply perfect to leave gardening aside. But what are the preferred destinations for seniors?

The most popular destinations for seniors

It goes without saying that seniors opt for France as a holiday destination. The coastal areas are the most privileged, notably Corsica, Aquitaine, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and Languedoc-Roussillon. Apart from France, seniors also prefer Southern Europe. They choose Spain, Italy, Portugal or Greece. Above all, they rely on an adventure trip that allows them to make many discoveries. But it is not only Europe, some seniors are also exploring other interesting destinations in the rest of the world. This can be North Africa for a sunny holiday or North America. In most cases, seniors choose a tailor-made trip. To see different destinations available, adapted to seniors, such as authentic world, click here.

The formulas that interest seniors the most

As mentioned, many seniors prefer adventure travel by discovering various destinations themselves. This is somewhat the case for those who like the auto tour option. However, others adopt the all-inclusive formula. This allows them to take care of nothing because the service providers take care of everything: accommodation, leisure and catering. The village clubs are selected by those who love to go on a family trip. It is not a budgetary problem; it is above all a real choice. Therefore, some seniors leave during school holidays. They want to spend time with their families, especially their grandchildren.

Why do retirees love to go on vacation?

Many seniors love to travel. For them, it is an opportunity to meet new people and make new discoveries. There are many places they have not yet been able to visit before. For them, holidays are made to forget stress and fatigue. Hence their interest in the all-inclusive formula. All they must do is pack their bags. They do not need to spend their time organizing their travel.

Enjoy your free time and go on a trip as a senior

When you are a senior, that is, when you are retired, you no longer spend your time running around to work. Indeed, a senior has a lot of free time that he can use as he wishes. If that's your case, why not go on vacation.

A special senior program

In terms of holidays, most seniors do not have the same income. The National Union of Tourism Associations or UNAT administers the program: seniors on vacation, a project that allows retirees over 60 to travel to France, even if their budgets do not allow them to do so. A win-win design, because it gives older individuals the opportunity to enjoy resorts, while boosting the tourism sector in low season.

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