The objective of the program

Published on : 25 December 20192 min reading time

Older people are often neglected by society and their relatives. To avoid loneliness and for more joie de vivre, seniors can enjoy a new senior holiday program. It is financed by the ANCV or the national agency for holiday vouchers.

The creation of a strong social bond in search of well-being

Concocted by the national agency for holiday vouchers, the senior holiday programme is a new idea to restore well-being and joie de vivre for the elderly. It combines relaxation and pleasure. To achieve this social and deserved project, the ANCV works in partnership with local authorities, clubs, retirees’ associations, charities, pension funds and social centres. The aim of this assistance plan is to stem the loneliness and suffering of older people. He defends for the departure of the seniors for the holidays. It promotes the reunion of seniors while eliminating loss of autonomy. This national programme, supported by the Secretary of State for Tourism, is well received by all French people, as it aims to improve comfort, restore self-confidence, strengthen social ties and promote the well-being of seniors.

Preventing aging

In addition to reducing loss of autonomy, the senior holiday program prevents aging among seniors. Indeed, they can carry out sports and recreational activities during the common holidays. Thanks to this program, people with modest incomes or who are isolated can go on vacation. It is characterized by an affordable holiday, a group or individual holiday, a holiday with financial support. When you can take advantage of this program, you can aspire to an increase in your life expectancy. In addition, during group holidays for seniors, they can have a better lifestyle and physical activities. Seniors can enjoy sharing moments of happiness among themselves, moments of discovery, sports and cultural practice and the sharing of new experiences. This program provides a feeling of rejuvenation and increased life expectancy among seniors.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Those who can benefit from this program must have a residence in France. They must be 60 years of age or older. The senior must be a retired person who does not perform any professional activity.

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