Holidays for invalid senior citizens

Published on : 25 December 20192 min reading time

For seniors, illness or disability is not an obstacle to having a wonderful holiday. Adapted facilities are available for people with disabilities, regardless of the degree of disability. Several offers of adapted stays are proposed and guaranteed by a label. In addition, a conditional assistance program is possible.

The “tourism and disability” label and financial aid

Thanks to the “tourism and disability” label, seniors have access to reliable, detailed information about tourist sites and facilities. These establishments consider all types of disabilities in order to create an appropriate tourist offer. Tourist structures eligible for the label include hotels, holiday villages, family homes, guest rooms, tourist residences, furnished accommodation, cottages and campsites, restaurants, farm inns, and other creperies. As well as museums, historical monuments, exhibition halls, castles, gardens, theme parks, leisure centres, sports halls, among others. On the financing side, the Seniors on Vacation program offers financial assistance to tax-free retirees, under certain eligibility and income criteria.

The list of some of the sites that benefit from the label

The “tourism and disability” label provides information on the possibilities of access according to disability, whether motor, visual, auditory or mental, using four easy-to-identify programs. The tourist accommodation benefiting from the label is made up of the Clos de Sources in the Poitou-Charentes region, and the Rosciola, which includes all four pictograms, located in Périgny. As well as the Gîte de Bois Rond, and its four pictograms of the city of Tonnay-Charente, as well as the furnished Picholine. In the Centre-Val de Loire region, the town of Chatres sur Cher is home to the Domaine de la Sauvageonne-Gîte les Perdrix for hearing and mental disabilities, and the Gîte Les Colverts includes the four pictograms, as well as the Gîtes Les Tardillons in the town of Moutiers. Languedoc-Roussillon includes the Gîte la Maison de Clémence, as well as Le Malzieu-Forain with its three pictograms, and the Gîte rural d’Alzine with its four pictograms in Arboussols. As for the restaurants, they are the Table de Monique in Saintes, the Pataterie in Boe in Aquitaine, the Auberge de la Tour restaurant in Valros in Languedoc-Roussillon.

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