Actions in favour of seniors

In the past, seniors were somewhat neglected by society. Since 2003, society has become aware of the precarious state of the elderly. Thus, the company has decided to help them to live their lives better thanks to the Seniors in Holidays program.

The Senior Holiday Program and its partners

Older people, even if they have free time, find it increasingly difficult to go on holiday. Indeed, as their age increases, it is difficult for them to go on holiday because they do not necessarily have the means to leave. Going on holiday is essential, especially for the elderly. It is therefore important to allow them to go on holiday in order to avoid their isolation and loneliness. Since 2007, a program called Seniors on Vacation has been created to allow seniors to go on vacation, either alone or in a group. This programme was initiated by the ANCV or National Agency for Holiday Vouchers with the support of the State Secretariat for Tourism. Since then, every year, holiday vouchers have been offered to seniors and holidays have been organized. The Seniors in Holidays program has, for several years, had many partners who allow it to finance the holidays of seniors and offer them a good time to relax, far from everyday life. This program allows the elderly to relax, rest and recharge their batteries.

Actions for seniors

As seniors are numerous in society, they should not be neglected under any circumstances. ANCV's partners in the Seniors in Vacation programme, such as ADMR or Generations Movement, organise actions each year to enable seniors to go on holiday. Indeed, these partners of the ANCV organize and offer local stays, depending on the region in which the partner is located. Stays can be stays at sea, in the countryside or in the mountains. The choice of stay is made by the senior who can decide on the holiday destination he wishes. In addition to allowing seniors to go on vacation, the program allows seniors to meet new people and get to know each other, especially in the case of group vacations. The seniors will thus be able to get to know each other and share their experience but also their lives, thus avoiding the loneliness and isolation that affect many seniors.

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