Senior citizens holidays and vacations

Going on holiday in distant countries at 60 or 70 is feasible! A panel of travel agencies specialising in the sector offer seniors more relaxed and appropriate stays, but just as much folklore. But for those who don't have the possibility, you should know that the most beautiful resorts sometimes take place right next to his house.

According to the requirements of seniors

In general, seniors opt for French holidays: the countryside for the oldest, the 50 years old and the young retirees is more about relaxing by the sea. Tourists staying outside the country are often between 50 and 55 years old. However, whether they take place in France or abroad, the journeys of older people are longer than those of young people from the region. In terms of modes of transport, cars are on the first list, followed by trains, boats and finally planes. As for specialized travel agencies, they also favour intergenerational holidays, allowing grandparents to be accompanied by their grandchildren. Some clubs offer free entertainment for the little ones while the elders devote themselves to other activities. A way to marry family holidays and dedicate time for yourself when you are a senior resting. Themed destinations are also favoured by older people. The agencies have understood it well. They offer river cruises, hiking, thermal cures or balneotherapy: a package that suits everyone.

A special senior program

In terms of holidays, most seniors do not have the same income. The National Union of Tourism Associations or UNAT administers the program: seniors on vacation, a project that allows retirees over 60 to travel to France, even if their budgets do not allow them to do so. A win-win design, because it gives older individuals the opportunity to enjoy resorts, while boosting the tourism sector in low season. Since holidays usually represent a period of great isolation, some associations strengthen volunteer groups in order to offer visits to the homes of seniors or outings in the surrounding area for those who do not want or can travel. These days of recreation represent authentic cuts. They put an end to the greyness of a daily life that has become very heavy in the summer season, when neighbours, shopkeepers and entourages are absent.

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