Plan a special senior citizen trip....

Enjoy your free time to visit far-off countries

Travel for senior citizens

Enjoy river cruises, hiking or tours in cities full of art and history

Destinations for senior citizens

Themed destinations are favoured by older people...

Holidays together as a family

Combine family holidays and time for yourself at rest. Enjoy water cures or balneotherapy....

Travelling with Tourism National Association

The National Associations of Tourism administers the program: senior citizens on vacation.
Travel agencies

Travel agencies

Travel agencies can organize a trip corresponding to your desires: find the tailor-made trip which meets your expectations.

Travel agencies
Travel agencies

Because we all love traveling


Holidays for senior citizens

Everyone deserves an unforgettable holiday.

Say goodbye to the routine

Avoid loneliness and live life to the full! Go on holiday all the time

Holiday options

The Senior citizen Vacation Program is a new idea to help seniors enjoy their holidays as much as possible

Enjoy a faraway trip and get back a taste for life!

Senior Vacation Program

Senior Vacation Program

This program aims at reducing autonomy loss for the older. Thanks to this program, they will enjoy recreational and physical activities and meet new people. It is also an easy to travel despite low incomes.



It is always recommended to organize your holidays in advance. As far as the accommodation is concerned, you have the choice between holiday villages, secondary residence etc. Find some tips and advice to learn how to book your holiday accommodation.